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Here at A Custom Massage & Skincare our mission is to provide the client with professional and high quality treatments. Whether it's to work on muscular tension, rejuvenate the skin, or simply to relax. A Custom Massage & Skincare offers an individualized and custom treatment in a safe, clean and nurturing environment. 

Massage Therapist Dracut MA
Raeanne Santos

- Medical Massage Practitioner 
- Lymphatic Drainage Therapist 
- Certified Reflexologist   

- Licensed Esthetician
- Reiki Master    

Raeanne started her studies in 2004 attending Blaine Academy in Lowell MA. While enrolled in the 900hr spa program she studied many modalities including; Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Acupressure, advanced skincare & body treatments and Energy Work.

She then went on to further her education in Energy Healing in 2006. She became a Reiki Maser. She also attended a 200hr Reflexology program in 2009 with Jack Russo. Jack is a well known Reflexologist and massage instructor throughout New England. Raeanne completed this course and is now a certificated Reflexologist .


While working in the cosmetics field as a beauty department manager she continued  her studies with the massage program and received her Massage License in 2009 from Acusage Academy in Oxford, MA. To further her skill set she also became a specialist in Massage Cupping.   


Raeanne since then has opened her own office in 2010 and is now located in Dracut, MA. She is refereed by local physical therapist, chiropractors, and acupuncturist. She is continuously taking courses, training and working intuitively to offer a truly custom treatment for each and every client.    


Allergies/Medical Conditions: 

Oils, lotions and essential oils may be used. If you are allergic or have any known allergies it's important to let your therapist know before your session begins. Also let your therapist know of any medical conditions that are under medical supervision (referral may be required)

What consist in a full body massage?
A typical full body massage consist of working on the scalp, face, neck, back, shoulders, legs, feet & hands.

Do I have to be completely undressed? 
Most massages & full body treatments are performed unclothed but you should be undressed to the level you are comfortable with. You are always covered with a blanket or towel to stay warm and comfortable during your session. Only the area being worked on is exposed.  

Where will my massage take place?
Your massage or treatment will take place in a warm and comfortable room. A music style of your choice can be picked to help you further relaxation.

Where do I get changed? 
You will have a private dedicated area to dress before & after your treatment. 

What if I feel pain or discomfort? 
Please voice your concerns at any time during the treatment if you feel any pain or discomfort during your session. There are always other techniques that can be used and are equally as beneficial. You do not need to experience pain for the benefits of deep tissue massage. Some of the lightest techniques used are extremely beneficial.  

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