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Reiki / Chakra balancing

Reiki (ray-key): universal life energy

Reiki is also known as "laying of the hands." Reiki is an energy treatment which helps Chi to move more freely throughout the body which helps with stress reduction and relaxation. As the healing process takes place you may feel hot or cold sensations in various parts of the body. These sensations do not have to be felt for the healing to work. Reiki is used in many hospitals to reduce stress and anxiety for many patients. Durring the treatment you are fully clothed unless Reiki is given during a massage. Helps aid clients with fatigue, nausea, reduce or eliminate pain, headaches, and ect. 

Chakras (shahkrah): energy centers in our body that help the vertical flow of life giving energy. 

When these center are open and unblocked it keep us connected and balanced with mind, body & spirit. Chakra balancing may also be performed during Reiki.


30 Min $60
60 Min $105
90 Min $145

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